The Green Chopped Salad with Jerk Chicken


It’s the last day of chopped salad week and since we had left over jerk chicken we are going to create a salad using  our left overs  and what we had in our cabinet. We all know that cooking can get expensive and wasteful if you aren’t smart about your meals and grocery list. So T.W.O. has the perfect Green Inspired Chopped Salad for you!

 The Green Chopped Salad with Jerk Chicken

For the Salad:
– 2-3 heads romaine lettuce
– 4 cups jicama
– 1 cup soy nuts
– 1-2 jerk chicken*
– 2 mangos
– 2 cups cherry heirloom tomatoes
– 2 cups hearts of palm
– 2 cups Persian cucumbers
– 1 cup red and white mixed quinoa, cooked
– 2 ears corn
– Cilantro Lime Dressing

*For the chicken: (Found HERE)
– 2 large chicken breasts
– 1 cup World Harbors Jamaican Style Jerk Marinade

1. Prepare the Jerk Chicken as stated HERE
2. Shuck the corn and place on a microwave safe plate. Cook in microwave for about 2 minutes on each side. Remove and place on heated barbeque. Cook on low heat for about 10 minutes. Make sure to rotate the corn so all the sides cook.
3. Wash and chop all vegetables and fruit. Place in a large bowl.
4. Add the chicken to the pre-heated barbeque. Cook for about 25 minutes or until done. Based the chicken with the remaining marinade 15 minutes into cooking for more flavor.
5. Chopped the cooked chicken breast into cubes and mix into the salad. Add salad dressing, toss and plate.
6. Time to eat!

image image

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Stay Fit in 2014

We all make New Year’s Resolutions and most of them involve EXERCISING. Here are a couple ways to stay fit and feel healthy in the New Year:

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator


2. Sit on an exercise ball while watching TV


3. Take a break from desk work and walk around the office building at least once a day


4. Try a new exercise class like Pilates or boxing


5. When you wake up or before you go to bed, do 3 sets of 1 minute planks. (That is only 3 minutes out of your day)


6.  Use your canned vegetables or soup as weights while cooking (3 sets of 20 curls)

Del Monte Veg Assort

7. Sit up straight in your chair…don’t slouch. This will help you keep a strong core and prevent back problems.


8. On the weekends, ride your bike or walk instead of driving


9. Take hikes instead of watching TV


The key to accomplishing your goals is to find a fit-buddy and encourage each other! Before you know it, summer will be here and you know what that means…swimsuit time!

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Post-Christmas Workout


T.W.O. is up early and ready to burn off the Christmas calories.  We put on some of our new Nike gear we got for Christmas and took it for a test run followed by a Pilates class.  Check out our new workout clothes below.  Hope you all get out there and shape-it out too! #weruntoeat


Nike ‘Pro Hyperwarm’ Training Topimage

Nike ‘Pro Hyperwarm’ Print Tightsimage

Nike ‘Free 5.0 V4’ Running Shoeimageimageimage

Nike ‘Leg-A-See’ Tights

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Vegetable Noodle Medley


Is there a way to make noodles that didn’t involve flour, egg and oil? Pshhh – Of course there is a way!  T.W.O. will show you how to create noodles out of vegetables and bring some color into your cooking!

– 1 yam
– 2 large carrots, whole
– 2 zucchini
– Krazy Salt
– Pepper

image image image

Peel and wash the yam and carrots. Cut the ends off all the vegetables.  With the julienne peeler, “peel” each vegetable lengthwise.  The longer the “noodles” are, the better! Place all the vegetable noodles in a bowl and add Krazy Salt and pepper to taste.  Let it sit for 10 minutes.  Once the noodles marinate, lightly squeeze the noodles to eliminate any excess water.

The creative part….what to do with the noodles?  Here are a couple ideas:

Stir Fry

T.W.O. sautéed the yam noodles for 6 minutes added the carrots and the zucchini for the last 2 minutes.  We added mushrooms and grilled chicken to create a noodle stir-fry!


Add your favorite dressing, some slivered pistachios and you have your self a great lunch!

Bed of Noodles

Place a grilled piece of meat, chicken or fish over a vegetable medley bed!  It’s a great al dente noodle that compliments your protein.

Happy Peeling!!

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Workout T.W.O. Style


(1) Nike Pro Zebra Knit Tights, (2) Nike “Legend 2.0” Low Rise Capri Leggings, (3) Nike ‘Legend 2.0 Tight Poly’ Print Capri Leggings,
(4) Nike: ‘Legend Poly 2.0’ Jacket, (5) Nike “Epic” Long Sleeve Tee


(6) Nike “Epic Run” Print Crop Leggings, (7) Nike “Cascade” Vest
(8) Nike Pro “Hyperwarm Engineered” Half-Zip, (9) Nike “Free TR Fit 3 Print” Training Shoe

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Polenta Fries


French fries, sweet potato fries, zucchini fries, steak fries, Freedom fries, steak fries, papas fritas….they are all tasty, but T.W.O. loves polenta fries these days! These polenta fries taste like they are fried, but are actually baked, using no oil! Learn how to make these delicious gluten-free fries that everyone is sure to enjoy!



1– roll of polenta, pre-cooked
Krazy Salt
Optional- cayenne pepper or garlic powder

Preheat oven to 425°. Using a sharp knife, cut the polenta roll in half, lengthwise. Continue to cut the polenta into strips to form the “traditional French fry” shape until the roll is all cut.


The fries should be about ½ inch thick. Next, season the fries with the Krazy Salt to your desire and toss. (Optional- Add cayenne pepper or garlic powder) Then, place the cut polenta fries on a greased cookie sheet.


Put the cookie sheet in the oven for about 30 minutes or until the polenta fries have a crispy outside and warm, fluffy inside.


T.W.O. likes to serve the polenta fries with ketchup and if they are in the mood for some spiciness, T.W.O. will add sriracha sauce to the ketchup to create a tasty side dish.



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T.W.O. Hikes Torrey Pines


Southern California has some of the best outdoor activities in the nation year around. One of T.W.O.’s favorite activities in SoCal is to hike Torrey Pines State Reserve in La Jolla, California. There are 8 trails at the reserve and range from ½ mile to 1 ½ miles.  Each trail has magnificent views of the ocean and coastline. Take the “Beach trail” if you want to get down to the beach (hence the name!) and walk the sandy coast of SoCal. This hike is a great way to start your day, end your day or fill in some time you have in the middle!

Cheers to being healthy, active, and happy!

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