Happy Birthday To Our Brother Bryce!


Today is a special day and has been for many years. It was the day that our brother was born and graced the world with his outgoing, funny and loving personality! We are very lucky to have an older brother like Bryce.

What would we do without someone taking us out of our crib and hiding us in the hamper when we were supposed to be taking a nap?


….Or playing snake in the grass and ends up being the wounded snake.

What about the time when you tied a zip tie around one of our fingers and it started to turn blue at the checkout in Costco? …..

….And the time when we tried to make mom a cake and turned the whipping cream into butter?

How about the time when we swam across the ocean to a deserted island in Costa Rica…little did we know there were crocodiles in the water – you had my back though!…


The list goes on and on and on.  But this list is something that we will always remember and we love about our brother.  He taught us to be tough, smart women who could discuss the game of baseball with any professional announcer, player or coach.  The amount of baseball games we have been to would probably set a world record!

Bryce is a great mentor, friend and coach to us.  Oh and did I mention a great cook, host and dancer.  Dance Floor Magic is what we like to call him.  WHOOP WHOOP.


Happy Birthday!! We are so happy to be your younger, twins sisters anyone can ask for! Cheers to you and hope you have a fabulous day! We love you!

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DIY Headboard

imageMove over Pottery Barn, West Elm and all those other fabulous furniture stores that sell quality, pricey pieces that make magazine covers –  –  – T.W.O. has competition for you! This past couple of months, T.W.O. designed and built a custom headboard.  After looking through magazines and not finding exactly what we wanted, T.W.O. decided to make our own.  With the help of a talented crew (Thanks Dad and Mom!), they made an original piece.  Follow the pictures below to watch the progression of the DIY project.  We can’t wait to finish the room off with shelves, accessories and frames.  More to come in later posts on that!











image image

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Sweet Dreams

Bedding Basics

Euro Sham – – – Regular Sham – – – Down Comforter – – – Duvet

Bedding accessories

Accent Pillows – – – Cotton Blanket – – – Textured Pillow – – – Throw Blanket

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Photo Frame Collage Wall

T.W.O. is working on designing their  home office area and decided to fill the wall with a collage of frames.  Below is our vision with some of our favorite moments captured.

Photo Frame Collage WallA Closer Look…

frame8 frame6 frame5 frame3 frame2 frame1Be Creative, Be Original,

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Lemon Week on T.W.O.

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It’s Lemon Week!!

This week, T.W.O. will be featuring some recipes and creative ideas that all include lemons! Every year, around this time, the famous family lemon tree is full of fruit! The tree produces so many lemons, so we like to come up with different ways to use them so they don’t go to waste! We look forward to sharing our ideas and hope that the next time you are given lemons, you think of T.W.O.’s lemon ideas!

Decorating with lemons is one of T.W.O.’s favorite things to do with the fruit. Just grab a vase, some fresh picked lemons, and bam- you have yourself a nice table centerpiece!

image image image image

IMG_0404Use lemons as a table setting decoration.  It’s the new napkin holder!


Another idea is to gift lemons! Add fresh lemons to a gift basket! It adds color and is a great filler between the other items in the basket.



Lemons make life so much brighter!

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Stay Fit in 2014

We all make New Year’s Resolutions and most of them involve EXERCISING. Here are a couple ways to stay fit and feel healthy in the New Year:

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator


2. Sit on an exercise ball while watching TV


3. Take a break from desk work and walk around the office building at least once a day


4. Try a new exercise class like Pilates or boxing


5. When you wake up or before you go to bed, do 3 sets of 1 minute planks. (That is only 3 minutes out of your day)


6.  Use your canned vegetables or soup as weights while cooking (3 sets of 20 curls)

Del Monte Veg Assort

7. Sit up straight in your chair…don’t slouch. This will help you keep a strong core and prevent back problems.


8. On the weekends, ride your bike or walk instead of driving


9. Take hikes instead of watching TV


The key to accomplishing your goals is to find a fit-buddy and encourage each other! Before you know it, summer will be here and you know what that means…swimsuit time!

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DIY Greeting Cards


Now that the Holidays are over, it’s time to sit down and write those “Thank You” notes for the gifts received, the hosted parties you attended, the kind words you received or even a “Just Because” note! So instead of heading out to spend more money, why not make your own! T.W.O. has a great idea that will add a little personal touch to each note and can be used for a variety of occasions! And the best part is that you get to pick the colors, design and save money!


-Greeting cards, plain white
-Acrylic paint (or stamp pad)
-Chinese cabbage*

*Treviso radicchio or any other leafy vegetable can be used


Begin by cutting off the end the stem of the cabbage or leafy vegetable.  Secure the head of lettuce by tying a string around it.


Dip your cabbage into the paint and stamp onto the greeting card. (You might want to stamp it on a scratch piece of paper before you stamp the greeting card to get any extra paint off.)


Repeat process to create more flowers. Allow the paint to dry for about 30 minutes. Once dry, it’s time to start writing those notes!!


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Tips for Thought in 2014

NY Day Post

Tip #1: Saving a Cell Phone

If your phone accidentally ends up going for a dip in the water, don’t freak out right away.  The old trick of rice does actually work if you use  a mixture of brown rice and basmati rice.  Uncle Ben’s doesn’t make the cut! The mixture of brown and basmati rice soaks up the water that is in your phone.  NOTE – T.W.O. does not guarantee this will work for every phone, but its worth a try, right?  Thank you to a special someone for the science experiment project!


Tip #2: Fast Track to Drying Painted Nails

Have you ever left the house with wet nails? Or too impatient to let your freshly painted nails to dry and decide to move onto something else that causes the polish to get ruined? This mostly likely has happened to all of us at least once or twice in our lives. But don’t worry, T.W.O. has a solution! Cold water! After painting your nails, place your fingers into a bowl of  ice cold water for  about 1-2 minutes. If you don’t have a bowl handy, run your hands underneath cold water from the faucet. Wah-lah! You are ready to walk out the door without messing up your nails!


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Christmas Recap

T.W.O. had a wonderful Christmas spending it with family last week.  We were fortunate to have been able to celebrate for an entire week with our family.  Check out some of the highlights of our holiday.



Chrismtas Eve

image image image image IMG_4073


IMG_4020 image imageimageimage imageimage imageIMG_4121IMG_4129T.W.O. signature