A Hamptons Birthday Party


It’s Memorial Day Weekend, A Birthday Celebration, Kickoff to Summer and Barbecue Season – – – so let’s have a Hamptons Theme Birthday Party.   Class, Class Class! Check out how T.W.O. made our mom’s birthday special!  From the barbecue ribs, summer salads, corn on the cob, cheese platters, DIY decorations, rose and bubbly we all had a great time! We even surprised our mom with a “Singing Flash Mob” – Say a Little Prayer like in the scene of My Best Friend’s Wedding.  (That is the reason for 14 paper crabs!) If it wasn’t for the help of our family with the food and decorations, we couldn’t have pulled off such a fun celebration!

Susan's 60th WPDSC_0703 DSC_0699 DSC_0694 DSC_0780
















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Sweet Dreams

Bedding Basics

Euro Sham – – – Regular Sham – – – Down Comforter – – – Duvet

Bedding accessories

Accent Pillows – – – Cotton Blanket – – – Textured Pillow – – – Throw Blanket

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Lemon Week on T.W.O.

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It’s Lemon Week!!

This week, T.W.O. will be featuring some recipes and creative ideas that all include lemons! Every year, around this time, the famous family lemon tree is full of fruit! The tree produces so many lemons, so we like to come up with different ways to use them so they don’t go to waste! We look forward to sharing our ideas and hope that the next time you are given lemons, you think of T.W.O.’s lemon ideas!

Decorating with lemons is one of T.W.O.’s favorite things to do with the fruit. Just grab a vase, some fresh picked lemons, and bam- you have yourself a nice table centerpiece!

image image image image

IMG_0404Use lemons as a table setting decoration.  It’s the new napkin holder!


Another idea is to gift lemons! Add fresh lemons to a gift basket! It adds color and is a great filler between the other items in the basket.



Lemons make life so much brighter!

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DIY Greeting Cards


Now that the Holidays are over, it’s time to sit down and write those “Thank You” notes for the gifts received, the hosted parties you attended, the kind words you received or even a “Just Because” note! So instead of heading out to spend more money, why not make your own! T.W.O. has a great idea that will add a little personal touch to each note and can be used for a variety of occasions! And the best part is that you get to pick the colors, design and save money!


-Greeting cards, plain white
-Acrylic paint (or stamp pad)
-Chinese cabbage*

*Treviso radicchio or any other leafy vegetable can be used


Begin by cutting off the end the stem of the cabbage or leafy vegetable.  Secure the head of lettuce by tying a string around it.


Dip your cabbage into the paint and stamp onto the greeting card. (You might want to stamp it on a scratch piece of paper before you stamp the greeting card to get any extra paint off.)


Repeat process to create more flowers. Allow the paint to dry for about 30 minutes. Once dry, it’s time to start writing those notes!!


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Fall-Inspired Tablescape


Flowers always make fabulous centerpieces, but during fall, T.W.O. enjoys decorating our table with pumpkins, corn and gourds! This season, T.W.O. added a table runner. And guess where we got it?? That’s right- from a shipment we received from Sur La Table! It was the wrapping that protected the item we purchased. The same kind of wrapping is used by Crate&Barrel. So, next time you order something online from Sur La Table or Crate&Barrel, save this fabulous wrapping material- it makes for a great table runner!

What you will need:

-Table runner
-Indian corn

Wrapping Material from Sur La Table or Crate&Barrel

First, place the table runner on the table.


Next arrange the pumpkin, gourds, and corn to your liking.  Now you just need to simmer some cinnamon sticks on the stove and your house will be fall-inspired!

Be creative and original!




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Flower Bouquets by T.W.O.


Flower bouquets make great gifts for any occasion- birthdays, hostess gifts, “Get Wells,” “Thinking of You’s”, or just to show appreciation for someone else. But let’s face it, most of the time these fabulous gifts are all wrapped the same way- in plastic. Boring. To add a little more spark and personal touch to each boutique gift, T.W.O. decided to wrap the flowers themselves. Now let’s get crafty!


-Large, brown paper grocery bag
Tissue paper, colored
-Raffia or Ribbon
-Bouquet of flowers


First, cut the bottom of the paper bag so that it becomes a long rectangle. Flip the paper bag with the blank side face down if one side has writing on it.


Next, take 2 sheets of tissue paper and place on top of paper bag, with one side situated higher than the paper bag.


Then, place your bouquet of flowers at an angle on the tissue paper. Start wrapping the bouquet. You might need to fold or cut the paper bag if it is too long. Secure the paper bag with raffia or a ribbon.

Now you have yourself a marvelous gift!



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Wine Cork Place Card Holders


Having a dinner party with assigned seating?  Can’t decide on how to display your guests’ name? Well T.W.O. has the perfect solution for you! All those wine corks you are “saving” for a special occasion can finally come in handy.  It’s as easy as one…T.W.O.…three!!

What you will need:

– Name Tags (T.W.O. printed the name tags on Avery template pages)
– Wine Corks
– X-Acto Knife or Swish Army Knife


Step 1: Design and print out your name tags.


Step 2: Using your knife, cut a ½ cm deep line into the cork (lengthwise).


Step 3: Place the name tag in the slit and make sure it’s secured. *



Now that’s an easy DIY project! Happy designing!!!

IMG_3684 IMG_3683

* If the wine cork place card isn’t standing upright, shave the bottom of the cork to create a flatter surface.

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The Traveling T.W.O. Journal


Travel journals have been around since the beginning of time. The pioneers kept journals while traveling to the West to document their hardships, sightings and experiences to the new unexplored land.  Many of these journals have been used to learn more about history and many were lost in the rough, leaving unanswered questions.  Today, T.W.O. has adapted the same concept with their travels around the world.

Before every big trip, T.W.O. buys a journal to document their memories and capture their favorite quotes and experiences. The journal selection process is important; you just can’t select a book with paper in it. Below are some requirements that are needed:

– Hard cover
– Memorable quote or picture on the front, depicting the trip
– Wire ring binding
– 70+ pages

The main idea of the travel journal is to write about each day’s activities so that you can remember everything years later. Hotel and restaurant names, shopping stores and city neighborhoods are all noted in the book.


T.W.O. uses the travel journal to suggest places to friends and family traveling to the same destination.  The most important part of the book is the “scrapbook” section, which has restaurant business cards, post cards, wine bottle labels, maps and anything else that comes across the way during T.W.O.’s travels.  (There is even a smudge of chocolate from a croissant T.W.O. had in Paris in the travel journal!) Scotch tape is important to bring along so you can tape the items into the book that same day.

image image image

At the end of the trip, T.W.O. recaps their favorite memories and quotes.  T.W.O. finds it important to document these experiences as soon as you can because as time goes own, details are forgotten.  And just like the pioneers, these journals will be passed to future generations.  From wagons, to cars, to trains to planes, we will see what the next century brings!



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The Silk Headband

Many of our favorite designers featured silk, twisted headbands in their summer line this year. T.W.O. was in search of the perfect one for their trip to España.  After a couple shopping trips, T.W.O. decided that there wasn’t a print out there that was worth the money, so T.W.O.’s mom stepped in and offered her sewing services.  Technology these days helped T.W.O. select the material in a matter of minutes since they were unable to accompany their mom to the fabric store. Thank you Apple!

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

Great job T.W.O Mom!!!!

We received the headbands the weekend before our trip to España and were able to enjoy them with the entire family!!!




Here are some photos of T.W.O. enjoying our headbands in San Sebastian, San Diego, San Francisco and Sausalito:


IMG_1763 IMG_1766 IMG_4231