Happy Birthday To Our Brother Bryce!


Today is a special day and has been for many years. It was the day that our brother was born and graced the world with his outgoing, funny and loving personality! We are very lucky to have an older brother like Bryce.

What would we do without someone taking us out of our crib and hiding us in the hamper when we were supposed to be taking a nap?


….Or playing snake in the grass and ends up being the wounded snake.

What about the time when you tied a zip tie around one of our fingers and it started to turn blue at the checkout in Costco? …..

….And the time when we tried to make mom a cake and turned the whipping cream into butter?

How about the time when we swam across the ocean to a deserted island in Costa Rica…little did we know there were crocodiles in the water – you had my back though!…


The list goes on and on and on.  But this list is something that we will always remember and we love about our brother.  He taught us to be tough, smart women who could discuss the game of baseball with any professional announcer, player or coach.  The amount of baseball games we have been to would probably set a world record!

Bryce is a great mentor, friend and coach to us.  Oh and did I mention a great cook, host and dancer.  Dance Floor Magic is what we like to call him.  WHOOP WHOOP.


Happy Birthday!! We are so happy to be your younger, twins sisters anyone can ask for! Cheers to you and hope you have a fabulous day! We love you!

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The Traveling T.W.O. Journal


Travel journals have been around since the beginning of time. The pioneers kept journals while traveling to the West to document their hardships, sightings and experiences to the new unexplored land.  Many of these journals have been used to learn more about history and many were lost in the rough, leaving unanswered questions.  Today, T.W.O. has adapted the same concept with their travels around the world.

Before every big trip, T.W.O. buys a journal to document their memories and capture their favorite quotes and experiences. The journal selection process is important; you just can’t select a book with paper in it. Below are some requirements that are needed:

– Hard cover
– Memorable quote or picture on the front, depicting the trip
– Wire ring binding
– 70+ pages

The main idea of the travel journal is to write about each day’s activities so that you can remember everything years later. Hotel and restaurant names, shopping stores and city neighborhoods are all noted in the book.


T.W.O. uses the travel journal to suggest places to friends and family traveling to the same destination.  The most important part of the book is the “scrapbook” section, which has restaurant business cards, post cards, wine bottle labels, maps and anything else that comes across the way during T.W.O.’s travels.  (There is even a smudge of chocolate from a croissant T.W.O. had in Paris in the travel journal!) Scotch tape is important to bring along so you can tape the items into the book that same day.

image image image

At the end of the trip, T.W.O. recaps their favorite memories and quotes.  T.W.O. finds it important to document these experiences as soon as you can because as time goes own, details are forgotten.  And just like the pioneers, these journals will be passed to future generations.  From wagons, to cars, to trains to planes, we will see what the next century brings!



Happy Travels!!!!T.W.O. signature