Flower Bouquets by T.W.O.


Flower bouquets make great gifts for any occasion- birthdays, hostess gifts, “Get Wells,” “Thinking of You’s”, or just to show appreciation for someone else. But let’s face it, most of the time these fabulous gifts are all wrapped the same way- in plastic. Boring. To add a little more spark and personal touch to each boutique gift, T.W.O. decided to wrap the flowers themselves. Now let’s get crafty!


-Large, brown paper grocery bag
Tissue paper, colored
-Raffia or Ribbon
-Bouquet of flowers


First, cut the bottom of the paper bag so that it becomes a long rectangle. Flip the paper bag with the blank side face down if one side has writing on it.


Next, take 2 sheets of tissue paper and place on top of paper bag, with one side situated higher than the paper bag.


Then, place your bouquet of flowers at an angle on the tissue paper. Start wrapping the bouquet. You might need to fold or cut the paper bag if it is too long. Secure the paper bag with raffia or a ribbon.

Now you have yourself a marvelous gift!



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