Fall-Inspired Tablescape


Flowers always make fabulous centerpieces, but during fall, T.W.O. enjoys decorating our table with pumpkins, corn and gourds! This season, T.W.O. added a table runner. And guess where we got it?? That’s right- from a shipment we received from Sur La Table! It was the wrapping that protected the item we purchased. The same kind of wrapping is used by Crate&Barrel. So, next time you order something online from Sur La Table or Crate&Barrel, save this fabulous wrapping material- it makes for a great table runner!

What you will need:

-Table runner
-Indian corn

Wrapping Material from Sur La Table or Crate&Barrel

First, place the table runner on the table.


Next arrange the pumpkin, gourds, and corn to your liking.  Now you just need to simmer some cinnamon sticks on the stove and your house will be fall-inspired!

Be creative and original!




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