Eating Our Way Through Prague

We were in Prague at a special time – Easter time! Easter in Prague is big – they decorate the Old Town with eggs, ribbon and set up Easter Markets.  In addition to the Easter Market, we found ourselves some wonderful restaurants.  In this post, we feature our favorite restaurants in Prague!

Easter Markets Prague

Rows of festively decorated wooden huts are stocked with local handicrafts and delicacies in the Old Town and at the Castle.  We strolled through three different markets and enjoyed the sausages, Trdelník, beer (green beer too!), mulled wine and chicken sandwiches.  The vendors used fresh local ingredients and was made hot to order. Be sure to check out the Easter Markets if you find yourself in Prague during the holiday season.  They have music and a petting zoo too – we made some friends…GOAT!



As recommended by our hotel, (Augustine) for traditional Czech Food, we dined at Mincovna twice because we loved the food and the atmosphere.  Just off from the main square in Old Town, this lovely restaurants also crafts their own beer.  The soup, balkan salad, duck, desserts are all sooo good! The second time we went their, we wanted to order the lamb shank since it looked so good from the time before, but unfortunately they ran out of it that night.  We highly recommend Mincovna when you are in Prague – delicious food and friendly service!


Just down the street from our Airbnb, we were lucky enough to have tried Pastar.  Pastar is a wine bar/ restaurant that serves family Italian favorites. It was a small, quant restaurant with friendly staff.  We enjoyed a salad to start and then ordered the seafood pasta, the risotto with lamb (a special) and the lamb shank.  Each dish was delicious! The wine the waiter had suggested was also very tasty.  Another great restaurant to check out while in Prague!

Cafe Savoy

A refined restaurant, reminiscent of the First Czechoslovak Republic, with its own confectionary, Cafe Savoy was down the street from our Airbnb and Augustine Hotel.  We dined here on Easter morning and enjoyed the porridge, omelette, fresh bread, pastries, rosé prosecco and cappuccinos. It was a lovely historical restaurants with friendly service and delicious food.  Highly suggest coming here for brunch and make a reservation – they are busy! Luckily we did and had a nice table waiting for us upon our arrival!

Nase Maso

If you haven’t noticed, we like to find unique restaurants that aren’t in travel guides. This was one of those places – Nase Maso which really is a butchery, but has a small sitting area where you can eat.  We came here for the MEAT!! Menu is pretty simple…pick your meat and they will cook.  We got the burger – THE BEST! Great bun, thick patty, grilled onions and pickle…that was it.  Didn’t need anything else either. We still think about that burger daily….HIGHLY recommend coming here for lunch.  Don’t be intimidated by the small space – it is worth it!!  Oh and the beer – its a self-served.  Only in Czech!

Luka Lu

We dined at Luka Lu on our last night in Prague.  This restaurants celebrates the former Yugoslavia and has an eclectic interior.  From chairs on the wall to fishing nets, this space is carefully decorated by rotating artist.  The service was excellent and the food even better. Still thinking about that bread, seabream, Balkan salad and lamb.  Don’t forget to order the house wine – its delicious!!!


Everyone needs some ice cream after strolling the streets of Prague, right?  We stopped at Angelato near our Airbnb for a sweet treat on our last day.  Its a great parlor service a variety of flavors!


We stumbled upon this cute little cafe in Kampa Park/ Mala Strana near the John Lennon wall.  Though we didn’t dine, we took desserts to go! (Oh and an expresso shot!)  What a fun place to find and next time we find ourself in Prague.  The take-away desserts were delicious we can only imagine how it tastes in the cute space.


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