Bohemian Vineyards and Wine Tasting Tour

As much as we loved the city of Prague, we wanted to get out to the countryside to experience the real Czech culture and see some smaller villages.  After doing some research, we found – OFF ROAD SAFARI, CZ .  Click to jump on our journey!

Off Road Safari was the perfect guide to take us through the Czech countryside and explore volcanic landscape, vineyards, castles, small villages and even a stop in a pub for a taste of their own beer.  The day started off with a pickup from a driver at our Airbnb around 10am.  From there we were taken to meet our guide, Martin at Johann W winery where we tasted a white wine to start the trip. Around 11:30am we were off to learn more about the vineyards, the areas the Germans occupied during WWII, the history of the towns and much much more.  Never did we think we could learn so much from a “wine-tour”.

Martin our guide was great – he knew EVERYTHING about the area even that there was a shell that was built into the wall from when the Czech Republic was covered by ocean.  Now that’s one old shell! He knew the best places that you wouldn’t even find in travel books.

Most people think of Czech for their beer – yes it is good, but I have to say the wine is also tasty.   We got a tour of Johann W winery by the wine maker explaining their growing and bottling process.  Similar technique as in the US, but they have some extreme weather involved….snow! They make a variety of wine called – ice wine.  The lunch they organized for us at the winery was one of the best meals we had in Prague.  It as a three course meal – soup, main (beef or fish) followed by dessert.  We had a private tasting after with some pate and freshly baked bread.  We didn’t leave their hungry – that’s a fact!

If you are looking for a trip to the countryside, check out Off Road Safari. They have a variety of trips throughout the year depending on the season.   Martin who is the owner and guide was absolutely fantastic.  HIGHLY recommend this trip! (We wouldn’t have devoted one single post to something we absolutely enjoyed. ) Thank you Martin and Off Road Safari!!


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