San Sebastián 2017

Back in 2013, we spent 2.5 weeks traveling Spain.  It was quite the trip…check it out HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE (2015) and HERE.  Our favorite destination was San Sebastián and little did we know that T would be coming back for work! This past trip was accompanied by great weather, lovely co-workers and some fantastic pintxos hopping.  T revisited some of our favorite pintxos bars and found some new ones.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

Hotel de Londres de Inglaterra

This was the first time staying at Hotel de Londres de Inglaterra.  (In 2013 we rented an airbnb and last year stayed at the Hotel Maria Cristina.)  The hotel de Londres was really nice, great location and the rooms were fantastic. Check out the view!!!

Camino de Santiago Hike

To work off some of the pinxtos from the night before,  the Camino de Santiago Hike is a great way to start your day.  The views are breathtaking and you might see a creature or two. Along the way there are stopping points to take photos and plaques that narrate the history.

Town Strolls

Walking into Zara is a must….Spain always has better inventory than USA.  T picked up a couple items for herself and K….special delivery!

Atari Gastroteka

Atari Gastroteka is one of our favorite places to grab pintxos.  All three trips involved a pintxo or two here.  It’s located right in front of Iglesia de Santa Maria, so you won’t miss it! Be sure to try the meat, peppers and arroz del dia (rice of the day).

A Fuego Negro

A Fuego Negro is located right next door to Atari Gastroteka. Their specialty is the slider (mini-burger).  It’s a quaint place with record menus, cool wall art and hype vibe.


Kaskazuri was a new restaurant T tried.  It was a sit down restaurant with a lovely interior decor.  The food was delicious and nice change from pintxo bar hopping.  Be sure to check out Kaskazuri for a fine dining experience.

Borda Berri

Like meat and rice, be sure to check out Borda Berri.  The risotto de idiazábal carrillada de ternera al vino tinto is our top two dishes to order.  The risotto was irresistible and the meat was perfectly cooked and seasoned.


Gandarias is the perfect spot for an afternoon bocadillo.  Order some vino and cheese and enjoy quality time with the people you are traveling with!

Beach Photos:

Until next trip!

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