San Sebastián


It’s one of Europe’s best beaches, home to the gastronomic lifestyle of pintxos and one of T.W.O’s favorite cities in Spain. San Sebastián (SS) is located on the northern coast of Spain in the Basque region near the border of France. T.W.O. enjoyed 5 nights in this beach town and took day trips to Pamplona to watch the Running of the Bulls and to Biarritz to check out the surf capital of Europe.


T.W.O. stayed in the Iztueta Apartments located on Miramar, which is the street overlooking La Concha beach. Jon, the owner, was very friendly and helpful in recommending local attractions and restaurants.  The selling point of this apartment was the location and view.  T.W.O. enjoyed many sunsets on their balcony with rosé and cheese while looking at La Concha beach.  Being so close to the water, T.W.O. would fall asleep to the waves breaking onto the shore….doesn’t get any better than that!


Pintxos Bars:

Bar Zeruko: A MUST! T.W.O. went here their second night in SS and was a little bit intimated at first by the ordering process.  They quickly learned that there was a second menu that you could order from; and that is what they did!  T.W.O. highly recommends getting the steak (served on slate) and the papas fritas (French fries).

Atari GastrotekaT.W.O. didn’t only visit this place once; they usually ended the pintxos bar hopping here every night!  Located right across from the church, this place has it all.  Great cupas riojas (glass of red wine), pintxos and cute servers! T.W.O. highly recommends the tomato salad and the arroz del día (rice of the day).

A Fuego Negro: Known for their burger pintxos, this place had a great atmosphere.  T.W.O. stumbled upon this little gem trying to avoid a rainstorm and was very impressed with it’s menu. You can walk in or make reservations for the tasting menu.  T.W.O. love the record-style menus!

La Playa

La Concha: is the larger of two beaches in San Sebastian and is more protected from the open sea.  Many fishing boats are anchored here, so it makes for a beautiful setting.  T.W.O. spent most of their time on this beach since it was right across from their apartment.  They would grab some fresh bread, turkey, and cheese and a bottle of rosé and head to the beach for a couple hours.  Of course there was a gelato break here and there! The beach was backed with people from all over the world, which made for great people watching! Some had their bathing suits on, some didn’t! The water was the perfect temperature to cool off in the 80 degree weather. As the day grew longer, the tide came up and then it became a party on the beach! Your sand neighbors became your friends!

La Zurriola: This beach is located east of the old town and river.  Known as being the surf spot of SS, this beach has more waves and less people.  If you want a quieter beach with a ton of Aussies and locals, come here!


The Old Town

The town itself is filled with shops, bakeries and mercados.  T.W.O. enjoyed strolling through the streets and exploring the shops.  The panaderías (bakeries) were plentiful and delicious! T.W.O. found the best goat cheese in a local mercado that they can’t seem to find here in the US.



Hike to statue of Christ

An easy hike, T.W.O. ventured to the statue of Christ one morning before the heat.  The statue is located on top of the mountain between the two beaches.  If you want great photos of the city, take the hike! There were many look-out points along the way to capture shots of the city.  Beware of the wild-life….wild cats were roaming around! The old canons near the castle still exist, which is pretty spectacular to envision that those were once used to protect the city.  Make sure to bring water; there are no water fountains along the way.

T.W.O. absolutely loved spending time in San Sebastián and would highly recommend this city to anyone. T.W.O. hopes to come back one day and visit their favorite spots again.

Happy Travels!

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