Pomegranate Guacamole


What’s trending these days? #everythingFall Right? Well T.W.O. is doing just that in our kitchen. Today we are featuring a classic dish, guacamole, and “Fall’in” it up with pomegranates. The pomegranates add a bit of sweetness, tang and crunch to your classic guacamole recipe. Grab your avocados and lets start chopping.

 Pomegranate Guacamole

– 4 small avocados or 2 large
– ½ – ¾ cup POM POM pomegranate seeds
– 1 teaspoon garlic powder
– 4 Tablespoons lemon juice
– 2-4 Tablespoons Tapatio (pending on preference of spice level)
– Krazy Salt
– Pepper

1. Remove skin and pit from avocados. Place in a bowl.
2. Add garlic powder, lemon juice, Tapatio, salt and pepper. Mix well.
3. Carefully mix in the pomegranate seeds. Plate and serve with your favorite meal, snack or by itself.

image image image image image

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