Tulips in Lisse, Netherlands

It was our first time staying in The Netherlands during Springtime. Last Spring on our way to Copenhagen, we flew into Amsterdam as a layover and saw the tulip fields from above which was a pretty sight.  Seeing them in person though at ground level was even better! Our day trip out to Lisse was such a fun adventure – check it out!

Transportation in Amsterdam and surrounding towns is very easy.  Trains, buses, bikes and cars are all reliable.  We decided to take the Keukenhof bus out to the famous garden which is in the town of Lisse.  We took the train from Amsterdam Central to Schipol where we boarded buses that took us out to the gardens.  The whole process was easy and not that expensive. About $30 USD which also included a ticket into the Keukenhof Gardens.  On the bus ride we passed through smaller villages, windmills and tulip fields.  Highly suggest taking the Keukenhof transportation if you don’t decide to bike out there.  (Which is another fun/ adventurous option!)


Keukenhof Gardens

The Keukenhof Gardens is like a Disneyland experience! It’s the most beautiful spring garden in the world. More than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths fill over 32 hectares with color and fragrance, for about 2 months long.  (April/ May)  We enjoyed walking around the gardens, visiting the greenhouse and talking with people from all over the world who came to see exactly what we did – the tulips! We highly suggest going in the morning as the day goes on the garden gets more crowded.  Definitely make the trip out to Lisse!

If you have time, there are surrounding tulip fields near Keukenhof that you can stop and take pictures.  Get that Instagram worthy photo!!

We are so glad we saw the tulips in Lisse – highly recommend it to anyone that plans on visiting the area in April or May.  We lucked out on the weather too – it was 22℃ (~72 ºF)


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