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Most recently, half of T.W.O. got to travel to Rome for work – first time for T and it won’t be the last! Though only one of us went, that didn’t mean K wasn’t there with her in spirit. Like always – an itinerary was set and restaurants were researched.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip!


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Pane e Salame (near Trevi Fountain)

This is a great spot near the Trevi Fountain to grab lunch/ snack and glass of wine.  Known, for their paninis, cured meats boards and bread this place is an affordable option for your trip to Rome.  The service is fantastic and the wine list is amazing. To note – this is in the heart of the city, but once you walk through the doors you feel like you stepped out of the tourist zone.


Ai Tre Scalini (near Colosseum)

Ai Re Scalini was one of the best meals had in Rome – and probably one of the best lasagnas ever tasted. (Sorry Mom!) It’s an intimate restaurant in the Monti area that has a great atmosphere and excellent service.  To start, T ordered a Greek salad – yes a Greek salad in Italy.  Watch out Greece, Ai Tre Scalini has some competition for you.  It was fresh, flavorful and the feta was so creamy, tart and salty – the best! For the main entrée we order the lasagna as mentioned before. WOW! The focus was on the fresh pasta noodles, sauce and light on the cheese – unlike most lasagnas made in the States.

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Pro Loco Pinciano:

A restaurant filled with locals that’s off the beaten path near the famous Porta Pia and local market Pinciano..  For starters, T order the vegetables and the cheese plate.  For the main entrée pappardelle.  It was a fabulous meal enjoyed sitting outside and listening to live street music.  Next time, pizza will be on the order along with some of their tasty desserts! Too much for one person to order – that’s why the whole T.W.O. needs to be present!

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Before heading into Pro Loco Pinciano, T popped into Plancha and grabbed an aperitivo.  It was an unexpected good find and will be added to our list for dinner next time.  This Mediterranean fusion restaurant had a lively atmosphere and was packed with hungry people.  It was fun watching the chef check each plate before it went out to the tables and people face light up with they saw the presentation.


Barzilai Bistrot (near Colosseum, in Monti):

A stop before dinner, Barzilai Bistrot is a happening place for aperitivo and dinner.  It’s a few minutes walk from the Colosseum and isn’t too touristy.  The wine was great and the food looked even better. Though a proper meal wasn’t enjoyed here – it will have to wait for next time.

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Cuoco e camicia (near Colosseum, in Monti)

A small restaurant with great service and delicious food with a menu that changes daily.  Their motto is to create tradition food using creativity – and that’s what T got.  The raviolis with a carbonara filling were fantastic. All the pastas are made from scratch and have a unique spin to them – don’t be intimidated.  For dessert, the affogato is a must.  It’s not your traditional affogato – it’s a ball of deliciousness.  Surprise!

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After the work day, coworkers came to Duke’s for aperitivo and dinner.  Yes – it’s in the same family of the Duke’s here in the States, but not along the beach…it’s in Italia! What a bustling place to be after work – well dressed, young professionals enjoying company, good food and wine.  It was probably not a place we would have selected due to the name, but it was a favorite of the Italians and became one of ours too!




Ciao, Ciao,

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