Guinness Affogato


Since St. Patty’s Day is tomorrow, T.W.O. decided to start the party early by making this Guinness Affogato. Its the perfect adult dessert that is rich and creamy and will have you satisfied (and maybe up) all night long!  Enjoy!

– Vanilla Ice Cream
– 2 ounces expresso*
– 12 ounces Guinness Beer

* If you don’t have an expresso maker, you can use instant expresso.

1. Put 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream in a large glass or bowl.
2. Pour the espresso over the top of the ice cream, followed by the Guinness.
3. Stir and enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Guinness Affogato

  1. Sounds real good. We had our pints of Guinness last night in downtown Seattle at Fado Irish Pub with some wonderful live Irish music in the background. They also had vanilla Guinness ice cream on the side of their brownie dessert. And…today I baked my corned beef brisket instead of boiling it and it was really good. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to T.W.O.!

    1. Sounds like a great night!!! I’ve been to Fado in Seattle….fun place! Hope you enjoyed your corn beef! How did it turn out? Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

      1. I will be baking corned beef from now on. Fat side up with whole cloves piercing the fat evenly spaced, honey mustard spread over the fat, 1 bayleaf crumbled on top and whole peppercorns. Tented in heavy duty foil. Delicious…2 hours at 350 degrees. Hope you are wearing green today!

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