Shrimp Cocktail


For the month of September, T.W.O. decided to think outside the box and serve non-cheese appetizers.  It wasn’t hard to come up with ideas and we can’t wait to keep sharing them in future posts! In this post, T.W.O. created a shrimp cocktail for some special guests.  It’s an easy, light dish that everyone (seafood lovers) can enjoy.  No recipe required, its just all about the prep and showcase.  Here are a couple tips for your next shrimp cocktail.

1. Find a good shrimp cocktail mix.  T.W.O. purchased Marinade Bay Products – Seafood Cocktail Sauce at Whole Foods.

2. Make sure to put the shrimp cocktail on ice – it will keep the shrimp cold during your happy hour.

3. Lemon slices add color and a tasty flavor to the dish. Organic meyer lemons are our favorite.

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