TCI Fish Fry + Meals in Paradise


Every Thursday night, Provo is rocking from 5:30pm-9:30pm with food, music and entertainment in Bright (Children’s) Park. Local restaurants set up booths serving lobster, conch salad, crab ‘n rice, mac ‘n cheese and local island corn.  Many locals attend this event every Thursday as well as tourists.  Each week a new band takes the stage to get the party started.  The week T.W.O. attended there was a DJ that played, mixing up some dance tunes for us to dance to…. “Slide to the Left, Slide to the Right, Criss Cross”  We got down and boogied! (Our mom even got pulled on staged since she was celebrating a birthday!)  Later in the night “Henry the Conch” made his appearance with the Island Band.  It was one heck of a parade! T.W.O. highly recommends going to the Fish Fry – – It is well worth it! Don’t forget to grab your coconut water and rum drink! It’s  delicious!!!

image image image image

 As you know, T.W.O. loves to cook and enjoy food.  Needless to say we ate very well this trip…whether if it was homemade and on the beach or out to dinner.  Check out all the fun we had with planning our meals! It wasn’t a complete day without going to the gourmet grocery store!!


image image image image image image image image image image image image

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