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Decorating bookshelves is not easy. First you have to pick a theme, color scheme, and then purchase the items. When T.W.O. first was presented the task of decorating 2 sets of bookshelves, we did some research by looking through magazines and online. T.W.O fell in LOVE with the bookshelf design by Restoration Hardware (inspiration picture above). The design was rustic, but yet ‘beachy’, which was the theme that we were going for in the room. After studying the photo, T.W.O. decided that this would be a simple, less expensive project if we were to do it ourselves and not buy the pre-made book online. And that is what we did!


Books (Paperback and hardcover)
Rotisserie string
Brown paper grocery bags


To start the project, T.W.O. headed down to the nearest $1 bookstore. We scanned the books for size (both height and width), color of paper, titles, and condition. Once we gathered the amount needed, we headed home to begin working on the fun part!

First, remove all the book covers from the paperback books. These will be the books you bind together. Decide on the books you want to bind together- they can vary in size, color, etc. Once you have decided, cut your rotisserie string so that it is long enough to go around the books. Cut 2 stings for each “book stack” you make. Tie your books together, one string towards the top, then other towards the bottom. Repeat for the other “book stacks.”



For the hardback books, T.W.O. wrapped each book in a brown paper grocery bag. (Yes, it is like when you were in high school and had to wrap your textbooks. Hopefully you still have the skills to do it! ) Cut your paper bag so that it lays flat. Turn the paper over so that the blank side is face down. Now start folding! Once the book is covered, repeat for remaining hardback books.




Now it’s design time! Place the “book stacks” where you would like. T.W.O. incorporated seashells in glass containers on the bookshelves to tie in the “beachy” theme. Any theme can really work with these books- nautical, Spanish, Italian, aviation, etc. The choices are endless. Just remember- be creative and original. It’s easy as that!

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