Smoked Ribs


T.W.O. has a love for barbeque, but recently we have enjoyed smoking meats. Last Christmas, T.W.O. purchased a smoker for their father and boy, do we have fun experimenting with it. This past weekend T.W.O. + dad smoked ribs. Check out this lip smackin’ recipe below.


Beef Short Ribs
Montreal Steak Seasoning
KC Masterpiece Reserved BBQ Sauce
Apple wood chips


Rub the ribs with Montreal Steak seasoning. Note – you want to limit the amount of seasoning, so you don’t overpower the natural flavor of the meat. Let the meat sit for about 20 minutes at room temperature. While the meat is sitting, start the smoker and place a handful of apple wood chips in the bottom of the smoker.

Once ready, place the ribs in the smoker.


After about 2 1/2 – 3 hours take the ribs out and place them on foil. Smother the meat in BBQ sauce and cover with foil. T.W.O. experimented and added sriracha in addition to the BBQ sauce to a couple of the ribs.

image image

Take the covered ribs and place them back in the smoker for about 20-30 minutes. At this time the ribs are ready to eat!


Enjoy the delicious meat!!


*T.W.O. + dad are continently trying new recipes. There are many different versions that you can follow, so sit back, relax and keep an eye out for more of these smoke’n BBQ recipes! Both these recipes (sriracha/ non-sriracha) turned out great…just depends on your tastebuds!

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