Three Bean Turkey Chili


It’s getting chilly, so it’s time for some chili! T.W.O. loves making chili during the fall and winter months. One of our favorite variations is turkey chili with 3 types of beans. The recipe is very simple and quick, so it makes for a great weeknight meal. The leftovers are delicious “T.W.O.!”


-Ground turkey, lean
-1/2 of white onion, chopped
-3 cloves of garlic, chopped
-2 cans (15 oz) of black beans
-1 can (15 oz) of kidney beans
-1 can (29 oz) of pinto beans
-1 can of stewed tomatoes
-2 cans (7 ounces) of diced, green chilies*
-1 package of chili seasoning
-1 package of crimini mushrooms, sliced
Crazy Salt
-Ground Pepper


 *T.W.O. likes a little spice to their chili, so we use the “fire roasted” Ortega chilies

Begin by sautéing onions and garlic in a pan.


After about 3-5 minutes, add in ground turkey. Cook for about 8 minutes or until meat is cooked thoroughly.


Next, drain all the liquid from the canned beans into a bowl and set aside. Pour all the drained beans into a large pot and turn stove to high heat.


Before adding in the stewed tomatoes, chop the tomatoes into quarters. Add tomatoes with their juice to the pot. Then add ground turkey mixture, green chilies, crimini mushrooms and chili seasoning and stir.


Once the chili is boiling, turn heat down to low to let it simmer. The chili can simmer any where from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The longer the better!


When you are ready to eat, turn off the heat and allow the chili to sit covered for 5 minutes. Ladle the chili into a bowl and garnish with your favorite toppings. T.W.O. likes to top their chili with sliced avocado, cheese, sour cream (or Greek yogurt), cilantro, and hot sauce. Now it’s time to warm up and enjoy a great bowl of chili!



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