Dubrovnik, Croatia: Sleep, Eat, Play

Dubrovnik is the walled city where Game of Thrones was filmed.  It’s a town that attracts many tourists each year, especially in the Summer months.  A little too crowded for our liking, but we found some hidden gems that changed our first impressions of the city.


  1. Dubrovnik is more expensive than the other Croatian towns we went to.
  2. The Stradun (or Placa) is the limestone pedestrian street lined with shops and restaurants.
  3. Get used to the steps. If you aren’t staying in Old Town expect to walk down and up steps to get to your place.  Think of it as a workout.
  4. Carry cash – most places take cash (especially cabs) and not credit cards.
  5. It’s hot during the summer….dress and hydrate appropriately.

Recap Video



We stayed at this Airbnb for the 3 nights while in Dubrovnik.  The place was about a 15 minute walk down steps into the Old Town.  It wasn’t far – just had to climb up and down stairs.  The views were spectacular and what ultimately sold us on the place.  The amenities of the house not as much.  The kitchen wasn’t fully stocked – hardly any dish towels, toilet paper and paper towels. The WiFi was spotty and the washer/dryer didn’t work.  Outside of that, we enjoyed cooking dinner one night in the house and watched the sunset from our patio.



When we first arrived to Dubrovnik we were looking for a quick and healthy lunch while we waited for our Airbnb to be ready. We decided on Nishta – a vegetarian restaurant in Old Town.  Though we didn’t make a reservation we were able to sit outside at a table in the alley.  It was much better than sitting inside since the tiny place was crowded with hardly any A/C.  Highly recommend coming here for lunch and not dinner.  We ordered the falafel platter and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the food was.  The side of hummus, pita and salad held us over till dinner.  If you are looking for a light, healthy lunch check out Nishta.


After strolling the streets, we decided on Moskar for dinner.  The ambiance of the restaurant was lively and the food looked tasty. Our eyes were drawn to the seafood platter and salad.  On the tray – mussels, whole fish, shrimp and calamari steaks.  We had a lovely meal sitting outside watching people stroll the alley.  The service was fantastic – everyone was friendly and helpful.  We would definitely recommend this restaurant since it wasn’t as commercialized as the other places down the street. They weren’t trying to “sell” us to come in and eat.

Taj Mahal

We had heard a lot about Taj Mahal and wanted to try something unique.  Taj Mahal serves traditional Bosnian food.  We ordered the “Taj Mahal Platter” which contained dried cured beef and cheeses.  It was delicious. For our mains we had the lamb and turkey kabobs.  Everything was tasty and the experience was pleasant.  Make a reservation – the place is popular!!!


Fort Imperial Trail Head

The Fort Imperial Trail Head was across the street from our Airbnb which was convenient for us to a take a morning hike to the top to enjoy the views.  We headed out on the earlier side so it wasn’t too hot.  It takes about 45 minutes to hike up the trail to the lookout point where the cable car and restaurant is located.  It’s a beautiful hike with a moderate incline.  Highly recommend doing this both ways if you enjoy the outdoors and a little sweat! Wear comfortable shoes!

Coral Beach Club

On our last day, we spent it at the Coral Beach Club.  It was a lovely beach club with great amenities – restaurant, service, day beds and swimming area.  We had lunch while basking in the sun and soaked in our last day in Croatia.  Highly recommend coming here if you find yourself in Croatia in the summer months and want to get away from the crowds and The Old Town.  We took and taxi to the club and Ubered back.

Buza Bar

Located on the outside wall facing the Adriatic Sea, the Buza Bar is a fabulous place to enjoy the views, a beverage and watch cliff jumpers take the plunge into the water.  If you are up for the challenge, wear your bathing suit…it’s a great way to cool off in the heat!



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