Going Green with Gift Bags


How many times have you paid $5+ dollars for a gift bag? Or paid more for the wrapping than the cost of the actual gift? And how many times have you thought to yourself- wait, I can reuse this gift bag, but I don’t remember who gave it to me, so I probably shouldn’t use it. Well, T.W.O. has a solution for you! Reusable shopping bags! They are cute, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly! Plus, it just adds another gift to your gift!

What you will need:
-Reusable shopping bag
-Tissue paper


T.W.O. bought these bags from Whole Foods. Many other stores like Trader Joe’s or Sprouts sell these bags. So next time you see one that you like, buy it because it will come in handy for the next gift you need to wrap!

Gift bags

gift bags 2T.W.O. signature

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