Fig Goat Cheese Appetizer


Hosting a last minute dinner party on Friday night?  Need an easy appetizer to impress your guests? Well T.W.O has the perfect one for you! It’s gastronomical, quick and the best part is that it is only 4 ingredients! That’s T.W.O. times T.W.O! Wow!! There is no doubt your guests will enjoy this tasteful bite. Take a deep breath, relax- T.W.O has planned your first menu item for this Friday night!

-Goat cheese
-Fresh Fig, sliced in wedges
-Rosemary Raisin Crackers*


Spread about 1 teaspoon of goat cheese onto a cracker. Place a slice of fig next to the cheese and garnish with some honey! Wah-lah! It’s that easy!



*T.W.O. uses the Trader Joe’s Rosemary Raisin Crackers

Wine pairing suggestion: Rosé or Pinot Noir


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