Mykonos, Greece

Grab nine friends and all meet in Mykonos.  Sound like a good idea?  It surely was a fantastic idea!! Mykonos is an island of beauty, good food, friendly people and a whole heap of amazing things to do!  There was a variety of people spending their holiday on the island – young adults, honeymooners, backpackers and families which means there is something for everyone! We got a taste of it all.

Villa Kanalia

Instead of staying in a hotel, our group rented Villa Kanalia through Airbnb.  Villa Kanalia is situated in Kanalia in Mykonos. It overlooks the City of Mykonos and the island of Tinos and was the perfect location for our holiday.  We highly recommend renting a car in Mykonos if you aren’t staying in Old Town or near the bus line.  The Villa’s outdoor amenities were perfect – pool, two dining spaces and the views! Remy, the house keeper, cleaned our rooms each day and also prepared breakfast every morning.  She helped us arrange taxis, did dishes, as well as prepare a dinner one night. What else could you ask for?  There were some fun late night dance parties and laughs had at the villa – a great way to bring a group of people together!


On the northern side of the Island lies Principote Beach Club.  Its chic, fabulous and the place to be scene on a warm summer afternoon.  The location of the beach club is in a cove, so the winds won’t disrupt your perfectly done hair.  Upon arrival, expect relaxing music and as the day goes on the music gets louder and people start dancing.  Is it expensive…yes! But is it worth it…100%.  Most beach clubs in Mykonos are expensive so just forget about the price tag and put it on the credit card.  You are on holiday…that’s why you save the rest of the year!  Highly suggest making the trip to Principote – it’s one of our favorite places in Mykonos!


The place to be for sunset in Mykonos! Scorpios is a rustic beach club – think Sahara/Coachella/Burning Man.  Okay, not really…but it has a desert-like feel and the house music gives off a different vibe than any of the other beach clubs on the island.  The biggest night of the week is Sunday Night for Sunset and if you are really lucky you might also see the sunrise.  Please let me know if you get the chance to experience that!  We opted to go for dinner that night at Nikolas Taverna after the sunset.  See below for more details on Nikolas.


Nammos.  Nammos.  Nammos.  That is one 4th of July we will remember! Nammos is unlike any other beach club we have ever been to.  It’s rich, full of beautiful people dressed in high-end fashion and home to the most yacht-owners on the island.  We made reservations to eat a late lunch there so we could partake in the festivities. Suggest getting a table at 4pm in the restaurant part (not the garden).  Around 5pm the music starts going and people start dancing on the tables.  Our group of four girls were sat next to a fun group who happened to be spraying bottles of Veuve.  Champagne Showers got real! The food was good, the people watching was UNREAL.  If you want to let loose, become best friends with some international people – head to Nammos.  It won’t disappoint!

Nikolas Taverna

Nikolas Taverna is a family-owned restaurant located on Agia Anna Paraga beach.  It’s doors have been opened since 1967 and specializes in traditional greek food.  Our group shared a variety of dishes  – fish, greek salad, fried zucchini, meats and shrimp just to name a few.  We highly suggest going to this restaurant.  Wish we could have gone back to enjoy the moussaka and some other dishes we didn’t get to try, next time though.  Thank you for making us feel like family!

Old Town

Old Town is the quintessential photo-opt spot.  It’s what you think of Greece.   Traditional cubic houses with flat roofs, wooden colored doors, and windows that create a unique atmosphere.  The maze of cobbled stone streets are lined with shops, restaurants and bars.  Visiting the Old Town is a must…just note that parking can be tricky.  Expect a ton of vespas and small spaces.  Don’t let that stop you from visiting though!

Little Venice

Little Venice is another popular spot to watch the sunset in Mykonos.  It’s beautiful, but its also very crowded.  So crowded you can’t really enjoy a drink without getting bummed into by the foot traffic.  We enjoyed walking through Little Venice during the day with half the people.  If you still want to experience it, go early and grab a seat near the water and/or watch from underneath the windmills.

Boat Day

We mixed up our beach club hopping with a boat day.   After some research we found Sarantis Boat.  The price was right and working with Francoise on dates was very easy.  We had scheduled a day that happened to be windy, so they accommodated us and changed the day to the next which forecasted a better boat day.  We met the boat at Ornos beach at 10am and had the boat until about 5pm.  Sounds like a long day….but it wasn’t! We had such a blast cruising the coves and jumping in the water.  We got a tour of the south side of the island and anchored off a beach (only access point is by boat) and was served a delicious meal.  The lovely husband and wife cooked shrimp and fresh fish with sides of aubergine, greek salad, hummus and bread.  For drinks – they had beer, wine and ouzo for us – OPA!! We throughly enjoyed our day and would highly recommend booking with Sarantis Boat.  You won’t be disappointed!


Argo was a bar we stumbled upon the second night in Mykonos.  We heard the loud music while walking down the street and decided to pop-in.  Why not?  The narrow, well decorated bar was filled with people dancing and singing, including the bartenders who were serving some of the best cocktails on the island!  We liked Argo so much, we headed back there on another night we were in Old Town.  It was still early so it wasn’t as crowded, but that didn’t stop our group from singing and dancing!!! Thank you Argo for being so great to our group!

More Restaurants:

Nautilus :: Traditional Greek flavors with a modern twist
Mamalouka  :: Mediterranean and Greek
Remezzo :: Electric restaurant with a view
Bakalo :: Traditional Greek food
Interni :: Great for groups
Sea Satin :: A place where the sun goes down the music gets louder
** For more live action of our trip, head to our Instagram page: and check out our Mykonos Story.
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