DIY Wine Glass Charms


Ever been to a party, put your wine glass down and come back confused on which glass is yours? It probably happened over Thanksgiving to a lot of people, right? Well, it happened to T.W.O.!  We decided to come up with something creative to solve this problem. And that we did! T.W.O. added some foliage to our wine stems to not only give the glass some style, but also as a perfect identifier for everyone’s glass.


T.W.O. and company decided to make this a DIY craft event! We gave each person some raffia and allowed each person to pick his or her own “identifier.” Some of these items were flowers, wine corks, leaves, and twigs. It was a hit and not one glass was mistaken for another’s!

This is a great way to decorate wine glasses when you have a large number of guests using the same wine glass. You can either decorate them ahead of time or allow guests to decorate their own after their arrival! T.W.O. will be decorating their wine glasses this Christmas with some holiday decorations….stay tuned!!

 Happy crafting!


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