Lemonade – Newport Beach


A day shopping at Fashion Island, wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a fabulous lunch. T.W.O. + Mom decided to try Lemonade since they have heard so many great reviews about it. And now it’s our chance to give our review….


The Restaurant




The ambience of Lemonade has a clean, fresh, modern feel. The color scheme is yellow and white with some pops of green – sounds freshing, right?!  Immediately when you walk into the restaurant, you know you have come to the right place. While waiting in line to order, you get a chance to review the menu. At first, it is overwhelming with the amount of choices on the menu, but we promise you that it is worth it. Once you reach the “food-line” the staff is eager to help you make your decision. If you change your mind based on what you saw being passed to another person, that’s fine! They will get you want you want! Everything looks too good not to try.

The Menu



Lemonade is a casual dinning experience with a menu that has many options for everyone.  Salads, soups, sandwiches, poultry, fish, desserts and of course – Lemonade! T.W.O.+ Mom each got something different and we were impressed with our choices.  Our favorite picks of the day were the herb grilled chicken, mozzarella, basil pesto, arugula, ciabatta sandwich, the butternut squash, radicchio, scotch bonnet sauce, sriracha pepitas side dish, and the pineapple chicken, green beans, coconut, jalapeno, jerk dressing side dish.  The food tasted fresh and had a ton of flavor.  The side dishes had a great mix of sweet and spicy and was not drenched in sauces. 

IMG_2850 IMG_2846 IMG_2844IMG_2843 IMG_2848

T.W.O. is already looking forward to going back to Lemonade and can’t wait to try something new! If you are ever looking for a great casual dining experience, T.W.O. highly recommends Lemonade. There is even one in Dubai! Next trip!?


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